Arts 4 Dementia

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Empowering people with memory loss through artistic stimulation

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Stimulate Your Memory

As the creative part of the brain can remain undamaged for years after diagnosis, participating in arts activity offers the most enjoyably rewarding direction for people with dementia.

‘Never let life fail to be a challenge’, says Dr Mike Hetley. ‘Engaging your innate artistic skills helps slow cognitive decline'.
See How the arts can help

Accessing the creative part of your brain overrides the stresses of memory loss, elevates mood, re-energises and restores a sense of personal identity. 
  • Singing along to a favorite tune challenges and triggers the memory. 
  • Study a picture or photograph. See even more in it. Discuss ideas with a companion.
  • Walk into an art gallery with a companion. Discuss a picture, sculpture, piece of furniture, ceramic. Enjoy their qualities. What is the artist’s intention? Explore, argue and enjoy the possibilities. The stimulus of Arts 4 Dementia sessions at The Wallace Collection evoked animated responses from our participants, and endured after sessions were over.
  • Sit in front seats at a theatre matinee, lunchtime concert, poetry gig, stand-up comedy. Watch the expressions of the performers. Share ideas with your companion. Challenge each other.
  • Access your natural creative skill: take photographs, paint, draw, model, play the piano, listen to live music, play music, dance, sing, exercise, explore the scents and arrangements of flowers, garden plants, trees. 
  • Taking a course at an arts venue, you can look forward to regular social inspirational opportunities, quality time with a loved one. 
  • Live life to the full. Have fun.
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